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Weekly Bulletin

Coventry Peace Campus

2843 Washington Blvd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

The Lord's table, bread* and choice of wine or grape juice, is open to all who profess Jesus as their savior. *Gluten-free.

Please prepare the elements ahead of time if joining us on Zoom

Connect in up to 10 minutes early - share prayer requests for intercessory prayer during this time


Audio only via phone:

  1. Dial

    After clicking on a smartphone, expect to see the dialer. You'll probably need to click the call button to start dialing. Most smartphones will automatically key in the meeting ID in step 2 as well.

  2. Key 376 464 0908 # for meeting ID (if needed)
  3. Press # for participant ID
  4. Press 1 # for passcode

Order of Worship

Tamar Gray

Opening Prayer
Song #1
Old Testament
Song #2
New Testament
Message usually by pastor

We will now celebrate communion

Intercessory Prayer
Song #3
and Announcements

At the conclusion of the service, we welcome you to stay on the line for discussion